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 Welcome to EFT Connections website! We hope you will visit often as this site continues to populate with more stories of how EFT has changed peoples lives just like you.
EFT is effective in relieving all levels of negative feelings and limiting beliefs. Even the smallest of problems left unresolved can grow into bigger problems that can add stress to our lives, big problems can change the very nature of who we are and can even spill over onto those we love and care for.
For many years I have used EFT and seen it give people their lives back and restore a sense of peace.  It is an easy, gentle technique that all can learn and do.  In my family we are now on the 3rd generation of “Tapping”!  My daughters and my grandchildren all use EFT and think of it as a first solution when something comes up. Even the smallest children can remember the tapping points and help themselves. What a wonderful gift this is to be able to share EFT with everyone for times of personal challenge.
One of my friends reminded me that I once referred to EFT as “The Holy Grail” of techniques,that was15 years ago and I can say that I still believe this!
EFT is not a belief system, a distraction technique or a placebo. It “unsticks” feelings and thoughts that get stuck and moves them out, leaving you with a sense of wellbeing.  EFT is the wind that moves the clouds from your life, revealing the Blue Sky that has always been there.
I encourage you to read the stories on these pages and be inspired that this self help technique might help you too.
EFT really can give you “Emotional Freedom”

Blue Skies,