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Welcome To EFTConnections.comWe’re happy to welcome you to our new website. This is an exciting new project for us. EFT Practitioners and participants of  EFT can come together to share their experiences, and the  benefits. We’re seeing this community growing and expanding every day. We hope to encourage this community through networking and support.

Here I will share the my latest contributions to the discussion of Tapping, Healing, and Wellness

It’s titled “Tapping Into The Light”

Monday, Sept. 7th

“Tapping To Clarity”

“I’m open to learning what feeling safer in my healing journey is like”

Steve Shields


In individual tapping sessions with clients, tapping in groups, and guiding the use of tapping on our own, I see some patterns emerging in the healing process.

As an EFT Practitioner, I have experienced and observed that more clarity emerges in the flow of tapping. I’ve seen this clarity emerge in ways that are unique to each person, but gaining more clarity is a part of what we have in common.

It’s been enlightening to see how the clarity shows up in a given situation, and what benefit follows.

I think there are many benefits that really help us to keep going and feel safer in our healing journey.

We learn more about:

  • Healing qualities in our unique nature.
  • Using tapping as a supporting tool.
  • Taking the benefits of tapping further in dealing with blocks and feeling stuck.

We’re going to explore this part of the process in the Special Session this Saturday, Sept. 12th, at Keystone Healing Center– “Tapping To Clarity”

Contact me for more info at keystonecenter@sbcglobal.net

Many Blessings,

Steve Shields