Trouble Sleeping

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So, I have been tapping on my son at night, because he just fights going to sleep so bad, well last night I forgot about doing it, so he came in to my room and asked for me to do it, so I started it and this time I was having him repeat what I said, I just was just saying stuff like, I want to go in and relax, think about good choices tomorrow, lay down and close my eyes… so, we got done, and he says thanks Mom, that really does help… he went in and was out! LOL! Loving EFT!


Ok, it happened again tonight… my son (age 6) was mad about not being able to sleep with his blanket  (it was in the wash) so he was mad about everything, so I told him to go to his room and calm down and tap, well he wasn’t ready… it has to be HIS idea. So 10 or so minutes later, he comes into my room and says, ok Mom, will you tap with me… so we did it and I just said the normal, go rest your eyes, think good thoughts about tomorrow, think about making good choices tomorrow, after we got done, he went to lay down and out within a couple minutes…. he likes doing it!