Terrified of Storms

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Every since I was a small child I have been terrified of storms.  If I thought a storm was coming or heard it storming during the night, I had to sleep with my parents or my sister. I wouldn’t dare go outside and would prefer to be in my basement, or curled up on the couch watching the tv to get frequent updates on the storm. As I grew up, things didn’t change too much, couldn’t sleep if storms were during the night, frequently checking the internet weather radar to check on upcoming storms and even purchasing my very own weather radio so I could be on alert at all times.  As I lived alone, if I knew there was a storm coming I would do my best to make it to my parents for the storm so i knew I would be with others in case I needed help.  Friends and family would call and check on me making sure I was ok before and after a storm knowing how terrified I would be.
I first thought that tapping for this would be silly. It was something that I had dealt with for so long, how could it really help.  One night, working with Kay, it actually went away.  That night, I actually went home, and moved my weather radio out ofmy bedroom into the basement, far from where it would wake me up!
Not long after tapping for this 36 year long fear, it was actually put to the test.
1am one morning my cell phone was beeping (I had weather alerts on there as well and forgot to turn that off).  It said we were in the midst of a sever thunderstorm warning and tornado warning and to seek shelter as soon as possible.  I layed there for a minute wondering if I should be scared, I didn’t feel it.  Then there was a loud crack of a tree breaking on the house, power went out and I thought I should maybe at least take precautions.  I woke my sister and we went to the big picture window in the living room.  I stood looking at the amazing storm and beautiful lightening thinking….WOW, I should be terrified right now!  Funny enough, the tapping worked and I was admiring the storm!  As of today, I still pray for the storm so I can actually enjoy the beauty of the lightening and the sound of the thunder.  Who would even have thought!  EFT is AMAZING and cured my 36 year fear!!!
-Becky Perrine