Tapping On Mom

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Last year when my daughter was 5, we were at the swimming pool and she was jumping off the diving board to me in the water below. One of her jumps landed directly on top of me and I went under getting a mouthful of water. When I came up I was coughing and sputtering and I said “oh my gosh you almost drowned me that time”! My daughter swam over to me with her water wings on and started to Tap on the face points saying, “Mom,say this…Even Though I almost “Drownded”, I’m OK”   I was laughing so hard and amazed that at 5 !/2 she had remembered how to Tap, when to Tap and how to help someone else! EFT is amazing, everyone should learn how to use it!

Maya’s Version

Mom and I were having fun swimming and one of the times that I jumped in I accidentally landed right on her head! Mom was choking on water so I decided I would Tap on her. Tapping always helped me at the Dentist…which I didnt used to like at all until EFT. Iam not afraid of the dentist at all now and I thought the Tapping would do the same thing for Mom. When I told her to Tap she started laughing a lot and quick choking …so I guess it worked.  I also Tap for thunderstorms and lightening.


– Laura and Maya Shaw