Sneak-Eating Victory!

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I went to the EFT support group to tap about my struggles with dieting.  I know that sometimes (more often than I would like!) I make unhealthy choices about my food, which are causing a stall in my weight loss efforts.  I couldn’t figure out why I felt like I just HAD to have yogurt when I have been advised that dairy isn’t something my body uses properly.  Mind you, this was not the super-sweet tasty yogurt with all the bells and whistles (sugar, sugar, sugar) but just some plain, Greek yogurt with a little stevia, fruit and cocoa powder!  You’d think that it wouldn’t be a big deal to have something healthy but just that bit of dairy would submarine me.  I had insatiable cravings for it. I realized that I was eating that in the place of something  I knew wasn’t an option….Ice Cream!.  Ice cream was one of my trigger foods and I haven’t eaten it in over 8 months, BUT…. the yogurt turned into an ice cream substitute!  I recalled back when I was a kid (we had a large family – 10 kids), we got treats but they were few and far between.  Some days, when I would come home from school, before anyone was home, I would sneak in the freezer and eat some ice cream and then probably a few cookies… nobody was home and I was hungry so I was able to eat them without anyone being the wiser! In tapping with the group, I realized that I always had a feeling of “not enough”:  not enough food, not enough love, not enough peace, I’m not enough, etc.  In tapping on those feelings of not having enough, I was able to totally stop the cravings for the yogurt AND to have hope that if I begin craving something else that is not healthy for me to eat… I can tap for it! After Tapping I realized that as an adult, I am able to buy yogurt or any other “treat” any time I want and there isn’t a shortage of it, nobody else will eat it instead me (well, who would want unsweetened, plain yogurt if they can have ice cream for heaven’s sake?), and for the first time in my adult life… I am ready to make the choices that I need to in order to regain my health, heal from illness and live the kind of life I want that is free from the pull of a dairy/sugar addiction.  Score!!