Small Dog Afraid of Big Noises!

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OK, so here’s the scoop about Molly…My little dog that we surrogate tapped for. I think I might have gotten a 2 for 1 deal. I forgot both my dogs had a beauty parlor appointment today and they were already gone by the time I got up. The first thing my husband said to me (without me asking I might add) was “that was an awfully quiet ride this morning, they both just laid down on the seat and rested.” Usually they are so excited, they are barking and running back & forth across the seat & the driver. For him to notice and then to say something was extraordinary to me. I thought this should be a good test because they dry them with a big blower that sounds like a vacuum sweeper. The groomer didn’t notice any difference but she was busy. (hopefully she was calm even if no one noticed) so I told her we had tapped for Molly and she was all interested & excited and wants to know more. I promised to drop off more info. Molly had a hot spot and wasn’t feeling well so I will test her with my sweeper tomorrow & let her rest today. The ride home was very calm & pleasant.

— E.D.


Molly update

I got out the sweeper this morning and as soon as she saw it, she was gone. (Normally not to be seen again until long after it is put away) I stopped shortly after I started and left the room for something. When I came back, she was laying in the middle of the room just looking at it. I turned the sweeper back on and swept as far away from her physically as I could. She just kept watching it and finally retreated to her room. I kept on sweeping and noticed that she kept coming back. I think she might have felt like I sometimes do with EFT results, amazed and wondering how this could be. She seemed a little hesitant to trust what was happening but I believe when she gets used to the new normal, she probably won’t even bother to move when I sweep. Hooray for EFT!!!!