Saying Goodbye to Panic Attacks One Tap at a Time!

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I wanted to share how EFT stopped my panic attacks. I had begun attending Kay’s EFT support groups to see what it was all about. One of the others was talking and we were all tapping, “sharing benefits”, when suddenly I felt the old familiar tightening in my stomach I always feel when panic sets in. I just kept tapping, and focused my thoughts on what I was feeling and it was gone shortly after. Before tapping I would have grabbed my medicine. Now I leave it in the car and don’t even think of it. If I feel it coming on I just stop and tap, so far it has worked every time. I am so grateful to Kay for sharing this wonderful method of healing with me. I have taken the Level 1 course and hope to take the level 2 soon.. Thanks again Kay, you  are the best gem in Quincy.

Peggy S.