Girlfriend Troubles

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My teenage son mentioned that his friend was struggling with an unhealthy obsession over a girl who was taking advantage of him.  Each time the boys got together to hang out, the boy could not stop talking about her.  It got to the point where my son didn’t really want to do things with him because they weren’t hanging out but it was always a crab-fest about this girl. His friend likes to chat with me for a little bit when he comes to our house to hang out so this particular time, he started talking about her and how frustrating it all is.  He said they were “taking a break” but through mutual friends and Facebook, he couldn’t stop the thoughts about why he couldn’t make her happy.  I told him about EFT, how it works and that I thought it would help him so he was game to try it out.  We tapped for about 5 rounds with “I am tired of the B.S.” and “Why do I always pick the same kinda girl who takes and takes but doesn’t give?” and “It’s so frustrating because I just can’t stop thinking about her!”  Using a balancing statement and tapping about this made huge changes for him. I told him that my son knows EFT so if he ever feels like he is obsessing about her and wants to tap about it but not with me, that my son could tap with him. He didn’t really notice the changes but a few days later, they went to work out together.  I checked in with my son to ask whether or not the EFT helped with the girl-obsession.  He said that each time (hanging out and working out) he only mentioned the situation one time… ONE!  EFT Works!