Fear of Needles? GONE!

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I was driving one Friday with my Mom. I was upset at an over-reaction that I had earlier in the week to something my husband had said or done. But I realized that, somehow, what I was upset about had nothing to do with that event. So I complained to my Mom: “If I KNOW that the issue isn’t what he did, then why can’t I just get over it!?”

She told me a dear family friend had learned this “thing” that might help. She said we should go see her. I agreed and we immediately went the next day, Saturday.

Our friend said that it might look weird but to just go with it. So I did. We spent the next hour tapping on this issue and lots of related things going back to my childhood. I felt OK with that because I already intuitively knew that the past was what had caused the over-reaction I’d had with my husband.

Then, as we were wrapping up, I asked our friend: “Do you think this could work on a phobia? Because I’m terrified of needles and I have to have blood drawn on Tuesday.” She said it would work. We tapped for 10-15 minutes on this fear of needles.
Monday I checked in with myself and realized that I was not at all anxious about this blood draw the next day. In the past I would be building up with anxiety. Sleep would be impossible due to the fear. Eating became a chore when I had to get a shot or a blood draw. But this night – nothing! Wow. But then I thought, “Probably in the morning it’ll all hit like a ton of bricks!” I went to bed and slept normally.

The next morning as I sat with my husband drinking coffee, I remembered why I was still home and not at work. The blood draw. So I checked in with myself, looking for the fear. I was fine. I thought: “It will probably really kick in when I’m getting ready to go.” As I showered I remember thinking, “Huh. Still not anxious.” As I pulled on my jeans I checked in again. Still ok. Wow. But I supposed when I got in the car, the fear would come crashing in.”

We got in the car. No anxiety. Weird! I thought, “probably when we get closer to the clinic.”  But nothing changed along the drive. Still good until we parked, I thought, “probably when we’re walking in.” Nope. I thought “when I sign in.” … no fear then either. “Surely, when they call my name!” But no. They called my name and I had absolutely no hint of fear. But this can’t keep going like this! “When I sit in that chair it’s gonna be bad!!” I was wrong. Since the night before I had continued to look for the fear and it simply wasn’t there. I sat down. They did their job. And I was absolutely fine. My husband who had been helping me for YEARS with these appointments was astonished! He said “That’s IT!?”

The nurse said, “yes, that’s it.”

But my husband said to her, “You don’t understand! This has never happened! My wife usually falls apart like a little child and is nearly catatonic with fear – immobilized.” He looked at me. Searched my face and asked, “How are you?” I was fine. He hugged me, elated!

A sweet and dear older nurse, who was normally the one who had to draw my blood asked “Lawd, Honey!! What did you do to yourself!? I ain’t never seen you be calm in here! Keep doing whatever you did!”
But there was still testing. I kept thinking, just because I was OK once, doesn’t mean that the EFT would “stick.” Surely it wears off?  Later that day we went to update our life insurance. They would be sending a nurse to the house on Saturday to do the blood draws. Ha! THAT would be the real test! I went first. The nurse blew a vein. Then did it again in my other arm. She had to try multiple times to get it right. Through it all I was fine. My husband was stunned. So was I!

It’s been 5 years. I have been to all appointments now by myself for all these years, all the while, just fine with no over-reactions. The one 15 minute session actually resolved that phobia.

Since then I have used extensively!! My family was stunned. I had carried that fear since I was five with my reactions progressively getting worse over the years. Now it was gone. And that wasn’t even the reason I initially agreed to use EFT! That had a major impact on my family. With wonderful results. EFT has helped me and others close to me get through deaths in my family, divorce, weight loss, financial challenges, to build new habits, develop a sense of self-love that had always been lacking.

What an amazingly simple but profound tool!

– Barbara