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I just attended the  “ Intro To EFT Free Class” with my friend, introducing it to her.  It actually benefits me a lot.  I was so stressed when I attended the session.  As Steve, was explaining EFT, I could feel this pain under my collar bone.  It was so painful, so I started to tap on the situation as Steve was explaining it. I continued the whole entire time, while he was giving the lecture, all of a sudden I realized, that was not my issue that I was stressing myself over.  The thought form was gone. I touched my collar bone, that pain had vanished and I could even breathe better.  So by just following Steve, while he was explaining it, the procedure worked and I released the emotion I was holding on to.  Thank you Steve, so much for the class and for sharing your beautiful energy and principles.  I really appreciate it, and many many blessings.