EFT….Up in the Air

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I have a reputation. A reputation for being on a flight with passengers in distress! Now I have to say that 9 times out of 10, when something happens, we are either over the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic…go figure, and there seems to be a correlation to being served food, as in that’s when something happens, right when I get my food!  Well, you have heard those announcements on the intercom, “is there a medical Dr on the plane?”. I always look up waiting for one of them to volunteer…..400 people on a plane?…you know there are some Drs on there, but they never raise their hand…just FYI, don’t expect to be saved by some Dr on the plane like in the movies.
Iam an RN, with a background in trauma nursing, so I always find myself getting lead to the front or the back of the plane to the unfortunate passenger that passed out, broke their finger,has chest pain, can’t breathe, is having a panic attack, an insulin reaction, or can’t get their child to quit crying. These are only a few of the interesting things that have happened.  Trust me when I tell you that the airlines are not flying ambulances, and I always say Iam going to start bringing my own equipment… They have a first aid kit that looks like that one in the trunk of your car from 1985. Yes, and Oxygen, so if you need some adhesive tape or a whiff of O2… You’re good, otherwise you better hope that someone has a secret weapon with them to save you.
My secret weapon is EFT!  I Tap on all of them, while we are sitting…or lying back there in the back of the plane! I just start tapping on their hands and fingers first, as they are usually freaked out that they find themselves lying on the floor of the plane over the Atlantic. As they calm down…and they always do, I tap on other points, telling them it is to rebalance and calm them, they believe me because Iam the nurse on the floor with them…and.. they can feel it working. 
Never be afraid to use EFT, even in big circumstances. If you are feeling afraid, start tapping on yourself to get centered, you will be surprised how clear you get all of a sudden. 
Think of me next time you “fly the friendly skies”, and raise your hand to help, you have more healing in your fingertips than you know!

Kay Phillips, RN