EFT Retreat /EFT Innovations

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Steve and I have just returned from an EFT Retreat at the beautiful 18th century Parcevall Hall in Yorkshire England.We were with Gwyneth Moss, EFT Master and Jess Mor.

We were fascinated with Jess Mor’s insights and techniques about how to use EFT to access our “Internal Family”, the “Parts” of our mind that process the world, store memory,and keep us safe.

Jess is working with these concepts using EFT and shared some her experiences and tips with us.  We have already been using some of her concepts with clients and in classes!

We hope to do more work in the future with Jess and hopefully invite her to Keystone Healing Center to share her new discoveries with all of us here in the U.S!

Good Luck with your EFT Explorations Jess!