EFT for lower back pain

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For many years I have had a recurring problem with severe lower back pain. It has always been located in the muscles either side of my lower spine and I had assumed it was a purely physical issue. In the past it has been so sudden and debilitating that I haven’t been able to  get up from a chair, bend over, or even pull on my socks. The duration of the pain was variable; from a few hours to more than a week. Due to the severity, I’ve even had to take time off work because of it.
When I tried muscle relaxants designed for back pain these did to help to dissipate the muscle contractions.  This confirmed my belief that the knots in my lower back muscles would only respond to chemical intervention.
A few weeks ago, I woke up with the familiar feeling of my back being locked into position. It was painful to move. I pulled myself out of bed and with great difficulty managed to dress myself; lassoing my feet with my pants!
Suddenly, it came to me that this would be a perfect opportunity to apply my EFT skills on what has been a major physical issue for me for many years.  I sat down, as comfortably as I could, and began.
The first thing I tapped on was acceptance of my pain describing it as completely as possible. I continued with a couple of reminder rounds emphasizing the exact location and the feeling I was having. This pinpointed the physical source of my discomfort.  As I tapped the idea came to my mind that I had a lack of choices in my life at that moment.  I tapped on this feeling of losing control and this completely resonated for me. The pain began to reduce but was still present.  I completed another tapping round on being open to the possibility that I did have choices, and that I was not being physically stopped from moving forward.  I knew then that I needed to decide to make my own choices and take my own time in doing so.  Amazingly, I could feel the constricting pain in my muscles dissipating and warmth spreading out in the painful zone.  The tension melted away.  In the final round I tapped in my choice to take control of my own decisions so that I could stay in this relaxed state of being.
I couldn’t believe how quickly the tapping had worked for me! The pain had totally gone and I was able to run up and down the stairs getting the kids things ready for school.  It was totally amazing. I have not experiences any back pain since then.
Every day I learn something new about EFT, and the benefits it has.  I’m very grateful that I am able to share this awesome technique to benefit of others as well.

– Catherine Simmons , AAMET Level 2