EFT and “Grounding” for pain relief!

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100_1118I wanted to share something that is amazing.

First, a brief history of me: I’ve had migraines most of my life but when they got to be more frequent and more intense and the stroke-type symptoms came… I knew something was wrong. In 2010 I was diagnosed with a giant (2.5cm) brain aneurysm and had 4 surgeries over the course of 3 years to occlude it. Lasting effects are constant headache pain that spikes frequently along with significant neurological and vision deficiencies. When the pain gets very severe, I usually have a shot of medication to lower the intensity.

I have known about EFT/ Tapping since about 2000 but didn’t really use it much until about 2011 when I was trained to EFT Level 2. Since moving back across the state in 2013, I have been able to tap quite frequently on my own, with another, and in support groups 2x/mo. I have worked through SO MANY THINGS in my life that I struggled with (emotionally) and been able to clear them to the point where I don’t feel submarined by the thoughts. This, in and of itself, has been a tremendous blessing.

One other thing I have only recently started doing is being “Grounded.” I watched the documentary “The Grounded” and began grounding myself whenever I can. I have been grounding now for about 1.5 months. What you’ll hear when you watch the documentary is that if there are a lot of issues, grounding yourself on a consistent basis will help. It helps with the most critical thing first and for me, that was sleep.

When I am grounded while I sleep, I can get to sleep faster and I don’t wake up as often as I did since my surgeries. I am getting a deeper sleep so I am gradually getting more energy. The second thing I have noticed is in the pain department. I am still in constant, low-level pain that spikes up… and sometimes I need a shot for the pain it is so intense. Grounding hasn’t (YET) helped me with the constant pain but I am eager to see what happens.

TWICE in this month , my pain spiked to the point I thought I would need the medication BUT with the combination of EFT tapping AND Grounding, I was able to get the pain back down to a manageable level. The pain was still higher than my “normal, everyday pain” but it was low enough that I didn’t feel like a shot was necessary. People may say it is a coincidence or something but I KNOW that previously, I would have gladly taken that shot.

Who would have thought that Tapping on acupuncture points instead of using needles and Grounding would be able to help me to avoid the BIG needle that is necessary for my pain injections. I am looking forward to the day when, one by one, my issues finally get resolved. I still have a lot of stuff going on but this gives me hope. Answered prayer for sure!