Phobias and Fears

Fear of Mice

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So happy I joined the new group last night. Even though I heard the Intro to EFT before, Kay still kept my interest. of it. body and feelings. Thank you Kay for letting me be your demo person. What I thought I would tap on was the fear of mice, not realizing it was really rats and not only was I afraid, but also mad about it*. I knew that even the thought of mice or a picture or movie about th...

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I Conquered My Fear!

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"My Name is Alexandra Cretiu-Galdau, I am from Romania and have lived and worked in Quincy, Illinois for 8 years. During this time I have had the great chance to learn and experience the benefits of EFT from Ms.Kay Phillips......... EFT can give us the ability to change harmful thinking patterns, to shift negative feelings, and induce prolonged states of deep relaxation, allowing us to understa...

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