EFT Cured my Chocolate Cravings!

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I have transformed myself using EFT. Most recently I have been using it to help with weight loss. It has cured my chocolate cravings. And I'm not talking about a candy bar here and there....I'm talking about massive amounts of chocolate EVERY DAY! Now I still love my chocolate. I do not, however, feel this overpowering need to consume pounds of it everyday. In fact last night at a basketball game ...

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EFT….Up in the Air

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  I have a reputation. A reputation for being on a flight with passengers in distress! Now I have to say that 9 times out of 10, when something happens, we are either over the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic...go figure, and there seems to be a correlation to being served food, as in that's when something happens, right when I get my food!  Well, you have heard those announcements on the in...

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Kay’s EFT Interview, KHQA TV

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Fear of Getting Lost While Driving the Highways

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Yaahhhhhhhhh I did it!...  Thank you Steve, for helping me break my fear of driving on the highways.  Today, was the day, It all started with a visit to the city of Spiritual Amma Mata Amritanandamayi.  I wanted to visit, so desperately, but had lots of fear.  I looked up the address and it was at a different place and it was much further than I thought.  I started to Google train station tim...

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I just attended the  “ Intro To EFT Free Class” with my friend, introducing it to her.  It actually benefits me a lot.  I was so stressed when I attended the session.  As Steve, was explaining EFT, I could feel this pain under my collar bone.  It was so painful, so I started to tap on the situation as Steve was explaining it. I continued the whole entire time, while he was giving the lect...

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Monster Protection with EFT

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Maya, age 6, tells of her success using EFT.

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