“Bee” Healed!

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Tappin’On The Kids

My sister has 5 girls. She lives next door. To say that it has been a hotbed of opportunity to use EFT over the years is an understatement! 5 girls in one house…there can be drama and trauma!

Here is one story that many parents can relate to.
During recess at school, bees were discovered on the playground, discovered by Hannah, after she was stung by one. She was about 8 or 9. There was crying and ice packs and all the bee sting treatments, but mostly what happened was that Hannah became “Phobic” about bees. This fear accelerated over the next few weeks to the point that she wouldnt go outside, didnt want to go to school (because she had to go outside to get there) and that’s where the wicked “playground” bees were of course. It was Spring, there were bees everywhere she looked and believe me it wasnt pretty if she actually saw a bee! As you see things were getting pretty crazy next door trying to avoid bees and pretty much anything outside at this point. Who knew that a little bee could cause such panic in a child, but as many of you have seen with your own kids…it can happen.
I was finally called to “Come Over and Do Something”!. Hannah and I started Tapping together inside the house while she thought about the bees , even the thought of bees made her cry. After about 10 minutes and a couple of rounds of EFT she reported that “she felt fine now”. We decided to test it and we walked outside…NOTHING, no crying,no fear. We decided to walk next door to my house to see some actual bees that I knew were near my flowers by my driveway. Sure enough the bees were there and…NOTHING happened! We looked at the bees and even talked about how “cute” they were, walked back to her house and that was the end of it.
Yes…it happens that fast, like a big eraser, just gone, never to return.

This is a simple story of a little Girl and a little Bee, but I have worked with people for years that have had much bigger and more complex problems and have been a witness to how fast and effective this treatment is. It still amazes me.

—Kay Phillips