Bath Time Fears

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I have a little niece that that was suddenly terrified of taking baths. She was 15 months old at the time. As far as we knew, nothing tragic had happened
that would make her so scared to get in the bathtub. The minute I would pick her up to put her in the tub, she would scream, shake and climb all over me and try to get away. It became impossible to give her a bath, she was so terrified.
One night, three of us decided to surrogate tap for her to help with the fear of the water. We took turns talking about her fear, then To Her about her fear and then Talking As HER about the water fear.  We all immediately felt a positive reponse. The very next night my niece took a bath! No crying or screaming, nothing!  Now our problem is trying to get her OUT of the bathtub! EFT is Amazing!