Asthma Story

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I had gone to work out one night and had forgotten to take my inhaler before leaving. I think much of it since I had gone without it before, but this night my asthma was flared up. I was only a couple of minutes into my workout when I started coughing and wheezing. I was about ready to quit when I thought of EFT, and though I’d put it to the test.
At first I slowed down my workout and just focused on a spot on the wall and slowed my breathing down and thought about the tapping sequence. I noticed it helped a bit, so started tapping on my hand. Within just a couple of minutes I noticed a big change. The coughing stopped completely and the wheezing was minimal! I was able to continue working out at my regular pace with no other problems. Who needs an inhaler when you have EFT?!

— A.W.