Image Makeover

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I have struggled with my weight pretty much my entire adult life. I have tried everything to lose weight. I have never been happy with the way i look. I hated looking in the mirror. I hated having my picture taken, I do not want to see myself.
I kept believing “If I could only lose weight and be skinny, maybe I could like myself” I believed that if i could lose weight then magically my life could change and my self esteem would go through the roof. I believed wearing a size 10 would make me feel better about myself.
During the EFT Weight Balance Sessions, it occurred to me “What if I lose weight and still I am not happy”?  I wanted to be happy with myself. I wanted to not hate myself for wearing a size 16.
I started tapping about why i chose the food I did to eat. I started paying attention to my emotions to see if they played a part  in my choices. I learned from tapping that so many of my choices and reasons for wanting to eat so much came from being told NO when i was a kid. Tapping fixed that problem! I no longer eat McDonalds everyday “because I can” I no longer eat 15 cookies at a time because I can. EFT has helped me change how I feel about myself.
A few days ago I posed for a snapshot and when i looked at the picture and actually said to myself “WOW, I Look Good!” I have NEVER thought that i looked good.
I am no longer ashamed to see myself in the mirror, I smile at myself now because I feel so great!
So even though I am not wearing a size 10, I am happy just being ME for the first time ever. I realized thats all I really wanted was to be able to like myself!

— M.